Executive Alignment: Strategic and self-directed for executives, teams, and SME’s.

Market Intelligence: Industry standards, competitive landscape, regulatory, etc

Collaboration: Market expansion, strategic partnerships, & go-to-market planning


Growth: Capital structure, funding, licensing models, compliance, international law, international tax, and go-to-market.

Innovation: Business model, ecosystems, technology, products, and services.

Transformation: Process, strategic planning, structure, and risk.


Business & Organization: Commercial, legal, tax, corporate formation, and operational support and ecosystem

Program Oversight: Program management, budget, proof-of-concept, pilot, development, and integration.

Financial Models & Governance: Budgetary planning, Token Issuance advisory, marketing, and launch.

About Us

Kaimeta provides strategic advisory and full-time or fractional leadership through its global team of advisors, subject matter experts, and partners. Our advisors are focused on helping organizations develop and execute strategies to fund, launch, expand, and operate new programs by integrating innovative technologies and compliant business systems, including distributed ledger, data, payments, digital identity, and other emerging applications.


The Kaimeta team brings insights, industry expertise, and a global network of trusted partners to fill critical resource gaps in your team’s needs and cost-effectively accelerate your program. The delivery and commercial model are designed to establish a win-win relationship well-suited for the project’s current stage of development and a commitment to successful growth.


Go-to-Market &
Growth Strategy

Capital Strategy
& Execution

Program Economics
& Management


Solution Design
& Product Roadmap

& Support

Regulatory &
Compliance Insights

Global Team

Jeremy Drzal
Patrick Campos
Jackson Mueller Kaimeta Regulatory and Government Affairs Advisor
Jackson Mueller
Strategic Advisor Regulatory & Government Affairs
Rick Tapia
Rick Tapia
Strategic Advisor
Charles Russle
Charles Russell
Strategic Advisor