Trusted Commerce Solutions

Kaimeta is a strategic consulting and advisory firm cultivating a global ecosystem for integrated digital identity, payments, and tokenization solutions for all industries. Our solutions are crafted to bridge traditional financial services, digital assets, and DeFi services with a focus on regulatory compliance in each market we serve.

About Us

Our services enable digital transformation, efficiencies, and cost savings through user-friendly applications.

Our Mission is to help shape digital economies, transform markets, and develop stronger communities through secure and compliant services that bridge legacy financial systems with digital currencies and virtual assets.

Transformation: Be the trusted virtual asset services and decentralized financial services partner for those innovators disrupting markets.

Transactions: Enable global branded networks offering secure, compliant, scalable financial and digital asset solutions for corporations and community ecosystems driving new economies worldwide.

Tokenization: Provide market leadership for compliant tokenization, digital payments, custody, and the secure servicing of digital assets for individuals, companies, and institutions.

Growing Ecosystem Supporting Digital Payments
& Cross-Border Remittances

Solutions crafted to bridge traditional financial services, digital assets & DeFi

Issuer Network

We work with a growing global network of regional issuers, banks, and credit unions supporting programs through a scalable integrated suite of secure and compliant services.

Money Services

Developing trusted electronic payments and money services to our global network of clients and partners, including corporations, issuers, acquirers, currency exchanges, and financial services providers.

Peer-to-Peer Finance

Provide decentralized financial services including compliant tokenization and peer-to-peer (P2P) commerce through our  ecosystem of companies, financial institutions, and government agencies and their secure platforms.

Digital Asset Custody

Offer secure and compliant qualified custodian of tokenized digital assets for issuer’s, acquirer’s, corporation’s, merchants, and money service providers.

The market is demanding better user experiences, financial inclusion, and affordable alternatives to traditional payments and financial services.

~ Jeremy Drzal, CEO


Clients & partners we work with across many industries

Banks, CU's, Issuers & Lenders

Drive digital transformation through advanced technology supporting remote clients, SSID, and new services supporting stable coins, cryptocurrency, tokenization and custody of digital assets.

Wallets & Exchanges

Extend your services with the support of fiat payments through our partner prepaid and debit card issuers for compliant offers and new revenue streams.

Self Sovereign ID

Enhance your SSID and guardianship programs by integrating seamless payment solutions supporting both fiat and digital currencies.

Maybe you?

Entrepreneurs, ecosystems, marketplaces, and government agencies can all benefit by launching programs supporting decentralized finance, secure ID and payments.

Lets innovate, transform & accelerate new market growth together for financial inclusion.