PagoDeX - distributed payment exchangef

Global Fintech Services Network

A network of strategic partners supporting a rapid go-to-market ecosystem and program management offering next-generation fintech solutions for financial inclusion.

A Digital Framework

PagoDex digital framework

Global support for secure payments including fiat (banking) to digital assets, stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.


Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) support for issuers, telco’s and enterprise partner applications.

Verifiable digital credentials supporting KYC, AML, human resources, workforce, and more.


We work with SSID partners to support their digital guardianship applications.


We work with open standards for governance, protocol support and secure enterprise solutions.


We work closely with our ecosystem partners to expand secure and compliant digital applications.

We're Developing a Growing Fintech & Regtech Ecosystem
Supporting Digital ID, Payments, Cross-Border Remittances & DeFi Services